‘Zero Balance’: Court condemns Bitcoin Market for returning unduly transferred customer cryptomorphs

The Bitcoin Market was condemned by the São Paulo Court to return the Bitcoin balance of a client, which points out that the cryptomaps were transferred from the exchange to a digital portfolio in an improper manner.

Thus, according to the decision published this Friday (09), the plaintiff of the lawsuit says that he was surprised with the “zero balance” on the Brazilian exchange, right after receiving an email about the transfer of cryptomaps he owned.

However, he had not requested any transfer of the balance in the Bitcoin Market, so he decided to sue the company to try to recover the lost cryptomyces.

On the other hand, the exchange says that it has an appeal in court against the case and is awaiting consideration. In addition, the platform claims that the case has not had the judgement published on the case involving the Bitcoin transfer.

Transfer of balance in cryptomoedas

The lawsuit filed by a cryptomaniac investor was filed in court on November 12, 2019. According to the plaintiff, he learned of the transfer of cryptomyces on September 30 of that year, when he received an e-mail from the Crypto Engine and Bitcoin market talking about the approval of the transaction.

Thus, after receiving the email, the user consulted the Bitcoin Market account he owns through the exchange application, when he verified that the balance in cryptomaps was “zeroed”.

The investor claimed to the court that the balance of about $ 22,000 was transferred to a “trading portfolio, without his authorization.

“On 30.09.2019 he received an e-mail informing that the transaction had been successfully approved, and as he had not made any transaction, he consulted the account through the application, and was surprised with the balance zeroed, and the amount of R$ 22,215.79 was transferred to another trading book.”

Moral damage

The decision on the case involving the Bitcoin Market and a client published this Friday (09) shows that the plaintiff has withdrawn a claim for compensation for non-material damage, which was previously filed in the file.

Thus, the claim for compensation will not be pursued, although the Court has partially ruled on the case by ordering the Bitcoin Market to pay the amount invested by the client in cryptomoedas.

In turn, in a note sent by the exchange, the company advises that it is seeking a new decision for the case, since an appeal will have to be examined on the value in Bitcoin that would have been unduly transferred.

“The Bitcoin Market does not take a position on ongoing lawsuits and points out that the latter is pending appeal, that the sentence has not yet been published and that the lawsuit was partially upheld to order MB to return the amount of R$ 22,215.79. In addition, the judge held that there was no moral damage”.

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